How to Upload/Overwrite/Add/Save A File:

Use the following steps when you want to upload, add, update, or save a file to your personal network drive.

  1. Login into the CSCC RSA site.

  2. Navigate to the area where you would like to upload/update a file.

  3. Click on the Upload button.
    Upload picture 1

  4. Click on the Browse button.
    Upload Browse button picture

  5. Use the file dialog box to navigate to the file you wish to upload/update. Double-click on the file to select it for upload.

    • TIP: If you wish to overwrite/update the existing file on your network drive with the file you are uploading, make sure to click on the Overwrite if the file exists check box.

  6. Click the Upload Now button to save file to RSA.

Instructional Technologies Institute | Columbus State Community College
Updated: 12/7/2011