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Active & Collaborative Learning (ACL)

ACL is defined as: a pedagogical approach that promotes a high level of student engagement with course content while the students work individually and collaboratively on course goals/outcomes. An ACL experience contains the following hallmarks: student to student interactions, positive interdependence (shared goal and resources), individual accountability (assigned roles, specific tasks and timelines), group processing (discussion and synthesis), and social skills (encouraging, reflecting, and active listening) (Johnson, Johnson, & Smith, 2006).

Structure of FPDi and ACL

Each department already has a professional development committee to monitor department professional development funds. Under the new PD plan, these committees will also be used to create department PD plans. All faculty — tenure-track, ACF, and adjunct — may serve on these committees and contribute to the department PD plans. One faculty member from each department will serve on the College-wide PD Advisory Group. The department PD plans will address traditional, online, and blended modalities. Faculty will determine the extent and use of ACL in their departments, forming a plan about how faculty can benefit from College-wide ACL trainings as well from the knowledge of their own "faculty experts." The department PD plans will be aligned with annual appraisal, teaching observation, and tenure and promotion processes.

In addition to the academic department professional development process, the FPDi will offer a centralized series of ACL learning modules geared towards beginners, intermediates and experts in understanding and applying ACL strategies in their classrooms. Each academic department professional development committee will determine which of these modules will be helpful to faculty members in their area and include these in department professional development plans.

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