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Kaltura Capture

DEIS now strongly recommends using Zoom for narrated screen/mic/camera recordings instead of Kaltura Capture; you simply start a Zoom meeting by yourself and, when ready, record your camera, mic, and/or screen share to the cloud. But use the information below if you wish to continue with Kaltura Capture.

Kaltura Capture is free software for Windows and Mac that lets you record anything you can see on your computer screen and then synchronize it in real time with your voice through a microphone and, optionally, your camera video feed.

Training Videos

Kaltura Capture:

Discover the basics of using Kaltura Capture — a desktop/webcam screen recording application you can use for free — including how to download and install it, how to set up your recording environment, how to make a simple screen recording of your desktop, and how to easily put that recording into your Blackboard course.

Kaltura Capture:

Learn more sophisticated features of Kaltura Capture, including how to create a dual-video recording (with your screen and camera at the same time) and understand how it displays in Blackboard, how to take advantage of "special effects" while recording, and how to use live screen annotation tools.

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If you are not finding the information you need on this page, please search for Kaltura Capture help using the DEIS Knowledge Base, or please contact the Faculty Assistance Center (FAC) at

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