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Zoom is a live online conferencing platform. It gives instructors the ability to meet virtually in real time with students — using the Zoom Client app — and share content from their computer screens, while also communicating with students via synchronous audio, video (camera), and text chat tools. Zoom is the best digital proxy for a face-to-face classroom experience.

Training Videos

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Discover the fundamentals of using Zoom — a real-time, two-way, audio/video online conferencing service — including how to set up a virtual meeting, how to connect to your meeting, how to allow students to access the meeting, and how to manage basic tools inside Zoom.

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Learn more sophisticated features of Zoom, including how to share meeting recordings with your students, how to use live annotation features, and how to conduct interactive polling.

Managing Student Groups
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Review strategies and options for managing student group work in Zoom, both in your own class meetings with Breakout Rooms and through the facilitation of custom meetings for your students on their own, including the use of Blackboard’s Groups feature.

Quick Help Lookup by Topic

If you are not finding the information you need on this page, please search for Zoom help using the DEIS Knowledge Base, or please contact the Faculty Assistance Center (FAC) at

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