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Blackboard is the primary tool the College uses for online learning. Blackboard is our Learning Management System, and all course sections have their own Blackboard course shell. It's critical that you use Blackboard to provide course materials, course information, announcements, grades, assignments, assessments and other information that you want your students to access.

Important Quick Start Videos


This video provides a quick overview of the Learning Management System used by Columbus State.

Accessing Blackboard

This video explains how to log into Blackboard.

Post A Syllabus

This video offers directions about how to insert your Syllabus in the course.

Create Announcement

This video explains how to create (and send via email) an Announcement to your students.

Course Materials

This video explains how to create folders and items in your course so that you can insert content (files, powerpoints, etc.)

Creating Assignments

Introduction to using Blackbaord Assignments in your Blackboard course shell.

Creating Tests

View the steps for creating a basic test in your Blackboard course shell.

Grade Center

This video will cover the very basics of using Grade Center.

Discussion Boards

View the basics of creating Discussion Boards in your course shell.

Quick Help Lookup by Topic

If you have any questions, please contact the Faculty Assistance Center at

What Are Blackboard Announcements?

Announcements is a feature located in all CSCC Blackboard courses that allows instructors the ability to quickly update students with course related information. Instructors have the ability to post, edit, and delete course announcements.

Here are some examples of what instructors use the Announcements tool for:

  • Update students to changes made to the course syllabus/calendar/etc.
  • Remind students when homework/assignments are due.
  • Reminds students of an upcoming test, midterm, or final.
  • Update students on any corrections/changes to course materials that may rise during the duration of a course.
  • Remind students of school closings, holidays, and etc.

Blackboard’s Announcements tool also allows instructors the ability to send an email copy of course announcements to students in their course. Having the ability to send course announcements to students via email helps keep students informed that may have not logged into Blackboard on a given day.

Announcement Tips

Always have a welcome announcement for your course shell. A welcome announcement should contain the following information:

  • Subject line: Use a friendly welcoming title that contains the course name.
  • Message ideas:
    • Welcome the students to the course.
    • Introduce yourself to your students.
    • Let them know when the first day of class will be.
    • Let students know where important class related information is located in your course shell.
    • Direct students on what they should do first to get started with your course.

Take advantage of Blackboard’s ability to schedule your announcements to post automatically based on time and date.

  • Example: At the beginning of the quarter, go ahead and type up separate reminder announcements for each of your exams. Use the options area to set up times and dates for each announcement to appear later in the quarter.

Blackboard is not able to send announcement emails that have the date restriction option applied.

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