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Collaborate is a real-time web conferencing platform built into Blackboard. Collaborate gives instructors the ability to meet virtually with students through their web browsers, share presentation materials from their computer screens, and communicate with students via synchronous audio, video, and text chat tools.

Training Videos


Discover the basics of using your Course Room in Blackboard Collaborate (a real-time, two-way web conferencing platform), including how to set up the room, how to connect to your room, how to allow your students to access the room, and how to manage basic interactions.


Learn more sophisticated features of Blackboard Collaborate, including how to set up custom meetings/sessions (that can even be used across multiple courses or course sections), how to retrieve session recordings and share them with your students, how to use the interactive whiteboard, and the best way to share certain file types in your session.

Managing Student Groups

Review strategies and options for facilitating student group work in Blackboard Collaborate, both in your own class sessions with Breakout Groups and through the creation of custom sessions for your students on their own.

Quick Help Lookup by Topic

If you are not finding the information you need on this page, please search for Collaborate help using the DEIS Knowledge Base, or please contact the Faculty Assistance Center (FAC) at

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Getting Started View
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Blackboard Groups: Using them with Collaborate View
Collaborate vs. Kaltura Capture: Compare and contrast View
Course links to Collaborate: How to create them View
Course Room: Accessing it from your Blackboard course View
Course Room: How to set it up View
Course Room: How to share a link to it View
Internet connection: How to check its strength View
Multiple courses/sections: How to create a unified Collaborate View
PowerPoints: How to share them View
Recordings: How to access them View
Recordings: How to share them with students View
Roles: Setting them for your session View
Screen sharing: Fixing the infinite window (tunnel) effect View
Student attendance: Tracking with reports View
Student cameras: How to turn them off View
Student (Participant) Guide: Overview View
Student (Participant) Guide: Troubleshooting View
Students: Creating fake/placeholder students for a session View
Text chat: Managing the instant messaging feed View
Troubleshooting: Black frozen screen with a purple circle View
Word files: How to share them View