CSCC Digital Education & Instructional Services

Attention Faculty!

Columbus State is running out of storage space for Collaborate recordings, and previous semester recordings must be deleted!

Many instructors embraced Blackboard Collaborate during the past year after the pandemic hit – using it in very productive and innovative ways to reach students.

However, the numerous Collaborate recordings saved in classes exceed our Blackboard storage restrictions. This applies to Collaborate recordings ONLY.

We’re asking you to delete any Collaborate recordings from your classes that you don’t need, and save any recordings you want to keep to My Media.

On March 12: All remaining Collaborate recordings not deleted or moved to My Media will be deleted from the following semesters: Spring 2020, Summer 2020, and Autumn 2020.

In the future: Collaborate recordings will be deleted at the end of each semester. Please delete unneeded recordings during the semester as part of your regular practice.


  1. Download your Collaborate recordings from Blackboard: PDF tutorial | Video tutorial
  2. Upload your Collaborate recordings to My Media video storage space: PDF tutorial | Video tutorial
  3. Insert your My Media videos in your Blackboard course: PDF tutorial | Video tutorial
  4. DELETE your Collaborate recordings from Blackboard: PDF tutorial | Video tutorial

RECOMMENDED: Caption your My Media videos: PDF tutorial | Video tutorial coming soon!

NOTE: If you have students finishing up Autumn 2020 incomplete courses, please follow the steps above to save the appropriate Collaborate videos they need.

Please contact the Faculty Assistance Center (FAC) for help with this process: To access recordings from Spring and Summer 2020, contact the FAC.