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Welcome Columbus State Faculty

This website, which was originally created as a result of the pandemic and subsequent transition to the online environment, is intended to help faculty select and use the best tools for student success at a distance. As our understanding of remote teaching has evolved, we have gathered together best practices, tutorials, training opportunities, and a curated list of resources intended to guide you toward the creation of the most dynamic online experience you can offer your students.

Ann Palazzo
Professor, English Department
Digital Learning Faculty Fellow

Connecting with Students

Communication with your students is the key to successful teaching and learning during this stressful time period. They are used to seeing and talking with you and their classmates each week in person and will need guiding through their course in the new delivery mode. Be sure to interact with your students early and often. Share your plans and expectations. Stay in contact with your students to ensure they have what they need to continue learning.

The easiest and most efficient way to communicate is by posting Announcements that appear on the opening page in your Blackboard course. When creating your announcement, click on the Send Email box to also automatically email your students. Some faculty start up an "Ask the Professor" discussion board so students can post questions, concerns, and comments about the course. You, or one of their classmates, can respond to the discussion posts.

You should also share the following resource in your Blackboard course so students can refer back to them when they have questions: