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OER Faculty Application

Faculty are invited to apply to participate in the College's Open Educational Resources (OER) initiative. Supporting the College's ongoing efforts to offer access, decrease costs, engage students, and increase student success, the OER initiative will prioritize the awarding of reassigned time for Gateway/High Enrollment courses, College Credit Plus Level 1 courses, and other courses that will impact students. (See the OER Definitions for Faculty Applications document below for a full list of OER-related terms and definitions, and see the OER Gateway and High Enrollment Courses document below for a full list of prioritized classes.)

There is no one-size-fits-all model for OER work. There may be unique projects that require special considerations, or there may be a project that requires a mid-course change in direction. However, in general, guidelines for ebook development include the following:

  • reassigned time of at most 3 semesters at the contact hours of the course per author;
  • a limit of 2 authors (if additional time is needed, the addition of 1 author at half the contact hours for 1 semester must be approved);
  • identification of 1 editor who is also a course content expert (whose role is to review author content for clarity and accuracy and who will be compensated by receiving 2 to 2.5 hours of reassigned time for a 4- or 5-credit hour course or 1.5 hours for a 3-hour course for one semester; the editor will support the project throughout the 1-3 semesters of work and can determine when/how the reassigned hours will be allocated).

Specific course content development will be allocated for 1 semester at the contact hours of the course (this requires development of at least 6 digital assets for the course).

Reassigned time will be awarded upon commitment from the academic department to use the OER materials in at least 25% of the sections of the course for at least 1 year with the expectation that the department Curriculum Committee will review the data annually.

Supporting this work will be three faculty fellows representing the various divisions of the college. The faculty fellows will work closely with the faculty developers, collaborate with the library and DEIS staff, and maintain communication with the OER Committee.

Thank you for making a difference in the support and success of our students.

Resource Documents

Please download and refer to these documents while completing the OER application questionnaire.

OER Definitions
for Faculty Applications

This explains the differences between digital assets, ebooks, Z Degrees, and other OER-related terminology.

OER Gateway and
High Enrollment Courses

This is a list of prioritized gateway, high enrollment, CCP Level 1, and CCP gateway classes for various departments.

OER Application Assistance

If you have questions or concerns about your application, please contact any of the OER Faculty Fellows: Don Bruce, Jennifer Dragoo, and Duane Donaldson.

OER Application Deadlines

Autumn 2024 semester application deadline: Friday, May 31, 2024

Spring 2025 semester application deadline: Friday, October 11, 2024

OER Application Questionnaire

To complete the OER application process, please fill out the DocuSign PowerForm questionnaire linked below and electronically sign it.

NOTE: you must have the approval of your Curriculum Committee or Digitization Committee Chair, along with your Department Chair, before starting this questionnaire, as they will also electronically sign it.

Download a preview of the questionnaire to prepare yourself for answering its questions.

Go to the OER application questionnaire process.