CSCC Digital Education & Instructional Services

Virtual Proctoring

Faculty may choose from two online testing options that use LockDown Browser (LDB) and allow students to test at home.

Virtual Proctoring with Respondus Monitor (RM) - Respondus Monitor is an automated proctoring tool for LDB that uses the student's webcam to record them during testing, which does not require the instructor to be present. RM uses software that monitors the student during a test and will flag suspicious student behavior that may indicate academic dishonesty. After the test is complete, the faculty member can personally review any video flags or entire recordings of the student's testing session. Using RM allows faculty to make tests available for multiple days. If a faculty member wants more than one testing date for tests, they are encouraged to use Respondus Monitor.

For more information, go the the Respondus Monitor site.

Virtual Faculty Proctoring (VFP) with Zoom - Virtual Faculty Proctoring is a testing method that uses LDB and Zoom. The instructor proctors the test live via Zoom. VFP with Zoom requires that a specific date and time(s) be noted for each test. When testing with VFP, instructors administer a test on a specific day and time. The date and time(s) will be noted on the CSCC Course Schedule. When VFP is used, web courses may also require a day and an evening testing time on the specified date to accommodate students’ work schedules.

For more information, go the the Virtual Faculty Proctoring with Zoom site.

Virtual Proctoring Technical Requirements - Both RM and VFP require that the student have access to a laptop or desktop computer with a working camera and microphone. Windows computers, Mac computers, and Chromebooks work with LDB. (Note: iPads, tablets, and smartphones will not work due to the limitations of Blackboard and LDB.) Students need to download LDB to their computers. The URL for Columbus State’s LockDown Browser is

If an instructor has a student who does not have a computer for virtual testing, the instructor may contact the Testing Center and ask that they administer the test to the student.

Testing by Course Modality - See which testing options are available for your course modality using the Academic Testing menu of this site and choosing your course modailty in the options.

Prefer live training? Schedule a one-on-one virtual training session for any of these topics (and many others) by going to the DEIS Faculty Consultation Scheduling site.