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Evaluation of Academic Assessment

Directions for Completing the Evaluation of Academic Assessment Form

This tool is meant to help your department closely evaluate the assessment needs for your courses. Once complete, this will serve as your department's plan for AU20 assessment and should be used to inform students of the assessments and any proctoring that is being implemented for each course. Faculty syllabi should reflect whatever assessment methods are indicated for their sections on this form (attached is a model syllabi statement for the use of Respondus Monitor on an exam). While every department is different, Chairs can administer this in a variety of ways including having lead instructors or coordinators fill this out.

  1. You must evaluate every section of each course you offer. Please include as much information as possible following the example information on the form for each section.

  2. This form asks you to indicate where you are currently using or plan to use alternative assessments in place of traditional exams and any high stakes assessment where you absolutely need a more secure proctored environment.

  3. Please also indicate where you plan to self-proctor exams using one of the colleges approved instructional technologies (e.g. Collaborate, Teams, WebEx, etc.).

  4. You will have to provide reasonable testing alternatives for students who cannot use Respondus Monitor.

  5. Each department should only submit one comprehensive form.

Important Information to Consider While Completing this Form

  1. The College will not offer in-person proctoring services during Autumn Semester.

  2. Due to expense, the Academic Testing Committee asks that you have no more than 2-3 Respondus Monitor proctored exams per section.

  3. You will have to create two tests for each proctored testing situation if you have students who cannot access Respondus Monitor. Please contact the FAC if you need assistance in setting up your Blackboard Grade Center.

Evaluation of Academic Assessment Form
(Excel Spreadsheet)

Please return the completed form to Faye Mock by August 3, 2020. The Faculty Assistance Center, in partnership with the College Testing Center, will be available to assist faculty in setting up their use of Respondus Monitor, the Blackboard gradebook, and the use of any existing instructional technologies (Collaborate, Teams, and WebEx) for faculty proctoring.